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ArticleName A method for increasing the agglomerate strength by improving the charge pelletization
DOI 10.17580/chm.2022.09.01
ArticleAuthor D. V. Fedorenko, A. A. Vorotyntsev, E. M. Shcheglov, V. I. Iskalin

JSC Tulachermet, Tula, Russia:

D. V. Fedorenko, Chief Engineer, e-mail:
A. A. Vorotyntsev, Deputy Chief Engineer for Production, e-mail:
E. M. Shcheglov, Head of the Production and Technical Department, e-mail:
V. I. Iskalin, First Category Engineer, Central Laboratory of Chemical-Technological and Technical Control, e-mail:


Since 2016 to the present, JSC Tulachermet has been systematically working to improve the quality of the iron ore part of the blast-furnace charge, which consists of at least 75% of the sinter of its own production. Within the framework of the article, research work was carried out on the selection and application of a line of technological additives for preparing sinter charge for sintering. The article describes the experience of using polymeric binders in laboratory and industrial conditions of sinter production, presents the results of the influence of various organizational and technical measures on the performance of sintering and blast furnace processes of JSC Tulachermet.

keywords Sinter, pelletizing, polymer binder, reducibility, blast furnace

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