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ArticleName Development of research and prediction of wear of plasma coatings from nickel-clad graphite powder
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2023.06.07
ArticleAuthor Lesnevsky L. N., Nikolaev I. A.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia:

L. N. Lesnevsky, Professor, Chair for Aircraft Engine Production Technology, Doctor of Technical Sciences, e-mail:
I. A. Nikolaev, Senior Lecturer, Chair for Aircraft Engine Production Technology, Candidate of Technical Sciences, e-mail:


The results of long-term studies of wear-resistant composite solid lubricating coatings formed by the method of atmospheric plasma spraying of clad [Cg]Ni powder, relating to extreme operating conditions of parts and friction units, are summed up. The results of consistent improvement of the design, composition and technology of plasma spraying of such layers are presented. It is shown how, in the process of mastering the deposition of singlelayer [Cg]Ni-based coatings, the problem of increasing the wear resistance of the working surfaces of floating seal rings of cryogenic pumps was successfully solved. Further, when studying  he increase in the fretting resistance of the contact surface of the lock of a gas turbine engine fan blade, [Cg]Ni was included in the working surface of the multilayer plasma-sprayed layer, which ensured an increase in the service life of the blade lock compared to the standard coating. Further study of the fretting resistance of such application was carried out to evaluate the influence of the magnitude of the reciprocating displacement amplitude on the nature and magnitude of wear. The possibilities of analyzing the hysteresis loops of the dependence of the friction forces Ffr on the displacements in the case of reciprocating sliding of the friction pairs of such units are shown. Using the energy approach, the dependences of volumetric wear Wv on the total dissipation energy Ed of friction forces for a given number of cycles were obtained, which made it possible to compare, evaluate the efficiency and predict the wear of coatings obtained by plasma spraying from [Cg]Ni powders, relating to various conditions of reciprocating sliding.

keywords Solid lubricating coatings, nickel-clad graphite powder, plasma spraying, hysteresis loops, reciprocating sliding, volumetric wear, energy approach.

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