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ArticleName Effect of mechanochemical treatment of low-grade phosphorites on the optimal composition of phosphorus fertilizers
DOI 10.17580/or.2023.03.03
ArticleAuthor Oljaev D. N., Nurmurodov T. I., Khurramov N. I., Sharipov S. Sh.

Navoi State University of Mines and Technologies (Navoi, Republic of Uzbekistan):

Oljaev D. N., Assistant,
Nurmurodov T. I., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Khurramov N. I., Associate Professor,
Sharipov S. Sh., Associate Professor, PhD in Technical Sciences,


This article describes the use of low-grade phosphorites to obtain complex fertilizers by mechanochemical activation with acid salts. A Retsch RM 200 planetary mill was used for activation. The additives included hydrophosphate, dihydrophosphate, ammonium hydrosulfate, and potassium hydrosulfate. Mixed fertilizers with high assimilation of nutrients were obtained in the laboratory work. X-ray, thermogravimetric, and scanning electron microscopy studies were conducted for the resulting fertilizers in order to identify their chemical and mineral composition. A laboratory screening machine was applied to perform a sieve test to establish the particle sizes for the phosphorite ores. The results were used to select the best size fraction for further processing. Nomograms were prepared describing the effects of the ratios of the initial components and the reaction time to the assimilation of phosphorus anhydride; a nomogram was plotted to establish the optimal mechanical activation process parameters for phosphorites and ammonium hydrogen phosphate. Subsamples were mixed to obtain fertilizers based on phosphorite raw materials and nitrogen-containing components NH4H2PO4 and (NH4)2HPO4 for various N : P2O5 ratios. Chemical compositions and assimilation rates were established for the resulting fertilizers. A derivatographic analysis of the samples of low-grade phosphorites with the addition of the NH4H2PO4 acid salt has shown that the main mass load is registered in the temperature range of 160 to 1082 °C. Mechanical and mechanochemical activation of a low-grade phosphorite culture of the second layer and acid salts with mixed NP, PK, and NPK fertilizers produced complex fertilizers with the following compositions: 6.12 to 20.21 wt% of P2O5 and 27.14 to 29.17 wt% of K2O.

keywords Phosphorites, mechanochemical activation, assimilation of Р2O5, NP fertilizers, derivatogram, X-ray phase analysis

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