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ArticleName Comparative analysis of physical and chemical properties of phosphorites from the Tashkura and Aznek deposits
DOI 10.17580/or.2023.06.04
ArticleAuthor Khurramov N. I., Rakhimova G. S., Rakhmatova Z. A., Nurmurodov T. I.

Navoi State University of Mines and Technologies (Navoi, Uzbekistan)

Khurramov N. I., Associate Professor, PhD in Engineering Sciences,
Rakhimova G. S., PhD Student,
Rakhmatova Z. A., PhD Student,
Nurmurodov T. I., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,


Comprehensive physical and chemical studies were carried out to assess the relevant raw material process parameters and to establish whether various phosphorus-containing products might be obtained from the phosphorite ores of the Tashkura and Aznek deposits (Central Kyzylkum, Uzbekistan). The properties of the phosphorite ores were studied by the thermogravimetric and X-ray phase analysis methods, as well as by scanning electron microscopy. The study uses ore samples from the above deposits. The chemical analysis results indicate that the mass fraction of P2O5 in the Aznek phosphorite ores is 22.55 %, the citric acid digestibility is 5.67 %, and the mass fraction of iron is 0.43 % (4.3 times less than that of the Tashkura phosphorites). X-ray phase analysis shows that the phosphorites of these deposits mainly consist of fluorapatite, hydroxyapatite, and quartz. The temperature range for the thermogravimetric analysis of the samples was 25 to 1000 °C. According to the thermal analysis results, the main mass loss in the Aznek phosphorite was 12.74 % in the temperature range between 28.28 and 997.59 °C and the main mass loss in the Tashkura phosphorites was 24.86% in the temperature range between 28.09 and 996.78 °C. The analytical data obtained suggest that the Aznek phosphorites are quite suitable and more promising raw materials, primarily for obtaining wet-process phosphoric acid (WPPA), as well as for the manufacture of other phosphorus-containing products, such as phosphorus fertilizers.

keywords Phosphorite ores, Central Kyzylkum, fluorapatite, chemical composition, microstructure, phosphorus-containing products, phosphate fertilizers

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