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60th anniversary of the Dept. of Metallurgical Equipment of Lipetsk State Technical University
ArticleName Optimal planning of maintenance and repairs of multi-component facilities in the iron and steel industry
DOI 10.17580/chm.2024.01.06
ArticleAuthor A. V. Galkin, A. A. Kharitonenko, L. S. Chernyshova, A. V. Bocharov

Lipetsk State Technical University, Lipetsk, Russia

A. V. Galkin, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Dean of the Faculty of Automation and Informatics, e-mail:
A. A. Kharitonenko, Cand. Phys.-Math., Associate Prof., Dept. of Metallurgical Equipment, e-mail:


Center for Corporate Solutions Ltd., Lipetsk, Russia
L. S. Chernyshova, Specialist of the Procurement Contract Management Dept., e-mail:


Lipetsk State Technical University, Lipetsk, Russia1 ; Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant, Lipetsk, Russia2
A. V. Bocharov, Cand. Eng., Specialist of the Dept. of Personnel Training and Development2, Associate Prof., Dept. of Metallurgical Equipment1, e-mail:


A wide range and variety of different equipment are used to implement technological processes of metallurgical production. The costs of maintenance and repairs of metallurgical equipment contribute a significant component to the cost of production. Therefore, reducing such costs through the use of optimal maintenance plans can lead to an increase in the competitiveness of manufactured products. The paper considers an approach to the construction of optimal service plans for multicomponent devices on the example of a strapping machine used in the technological process of cold rolling for packaging a rolled strip. The components of the strapping machine for maintenance are highlighted. Simulation modeling of the functioning of the strapping machine in the process of operation is carried out. The proposed algorithm is based on minimizing costs, the function of which is built taking into account the reliability characteristics of each of the device components. When the process is discretized in time, the dynamic programming method can be used to solve the problem. The description of the developed software implementing the algorithm for constructing optimal service plans is given. The costs are calculated for different strategies of equipment maintenance. The strategy based on the planning algorithm proposed in the article had the lowest costs of all considered.

keywords Strapping machine, optimal planning, maintenance, reliability, dynamic programming, rolling, packaging

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