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60th anniversary of the Dept. of Metallurgical Equipment of Lipetsk State Technical University
ArticleName Substantiation of design and technological parameters of a rotary-impact shredder for steel crushed shot
DOI 10.17580/chm.2024.01.07
ArticleAuthor A. P. Zhiltsov, E. P. Levchenko, O. I. Akimova, D. A. Vlasenko

Lipetsk State Technical University, Lipetsk, Russia

A. P. Zhiltsov, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Prof., Dept. of Metallurgical Equipment, e-mail:


Donbass State Technical University, Alchevsk, Russia
E. P. Levchenko, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Prof., Dept. of Technology and Organization of Mechanical Engineering Production, e-mail:
O. I. Akimova, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Mining Energy-Mechanical Systems, e-mail:
D. A. Vlasenko, Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Dept. of Metallurgical Technologies, e-mail:


The results of the study of the grinding process of steel spherical shot by a single constrained impact are presented, the design of a rotary impact shredder for its production is described, as well as the method of substantiating its structural and technological parameters. Analytical dependences for determining the amount of fraction destroyed by a single constrained blow are proposed, the required mass of the striker, the required speed of the grinding body, the moment of resistance on the rotor shaft and the required drive power of the shredder. The results of physical modeling of the process of grinding steel crushed shot with a constrained impact and experimental substantiation of the design and technological parameters of a rotary impact shredder are presented. The empirical studies carried out confirmed the adequacy of the developed method for determining the main design and technological parameters of the shredding machine – the average relative error of the results of the methods and analytical dependencies did not exceed 20.1 %. Based on the results of the study, the design, power and technological parameters of a rotary impact shredder for the production of crushed steel spherical shot in the conditions of LLC "Steel Shot Plant" (Alchevsk) are proposed.

keywords Grinding, steel chipped spherical shot, constrained impact, rotary impact shredder, design and technological parameters, performance, drive power

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