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ArticleName Electron-beam melting of hafnium with electromagnetic circulation
ArticleAuthor Arzhakova V. M., Filatova N. K., Ziganshin A. G., Aleksandrov A. V., Morenko O. G.

The improved method of electron-beam skull smelting in copper water cooled melting pot with system of electromagnetic circulation is considered. Features are investigated. The technology of hafnium fusion in the electron-beam furnace in melting pot with system of electromagnetic circulation is developed for the first time and tested at JSC “Chepetsky Mechanical Plant”. Ingots have been made of various initial materials: calciumthermic and recycled hafnium in the electron-beam furnace with the subsequent runoff in copper water cooled casting mold. By results of researches of quality of ingots it is established that there is a Hafnium cleaning from highly volatile impurity. High chemical and structural homogeneity of ingots is noted. Ingots after removal of a part with shrinkable are characterized by dense equiaxial fine-grain structure. Hardness of ingots on all volume practically does not vary. Research of depth of occurence and volume of a shrinkable of the received ingots is carried out. The described installation and technology can be used not only for hafnium fusion, but also for other rare and refractory metals.

keywords Hafnium fusion, skull furnace, electron-beam fusion, melting pot, refractory metals, ingot, water cooled melting pot
Language of full-text russian
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