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ArticleName The mineral resources of Kazakhstan at geological museum IGS named by K. I. Satpaev exposition
ArticleAuthor Rakishev B. M., Kudaibergenova N. K.

The scientific-systematic exposition of Institute geological sciences named by K. I. Satpaev exposition are presented by sections: introductory, stratigraphical, intrusive complexes, paleontological, mineralogical and most major of mineral resources. At each from these sections have a complete complex of scientific-systematic monographical collections. In the paper is presented a material about section of mineral resources of Kazakhstan only. The collections of mineral resources are presented by metallic, nonmetallic and hydrocarbon resources. The museum has a ore samples from all major mineral fields of Kazakhstan. The collection reserves of mineral resources section are regularly replenished with help of new information materials and undergoes by partly reconstruction changes.

keywords Museum, exposition, mineral resources, mineral fields, ores, metallic, nonmetallic
Language of full-text russian
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