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Tsvetnye Metally

ArticleName Сenter of Earth sciences, metallurgy and benefication (Institute of metallurgy and benefication) — 65 years of scientific creative work
ArticleAuthors Tastanov E. A., Myltykbaeva L. A., Kozhakhmetov S. M.
ArticleName The raw-mineral base of non-ferrous, rare and rare earthing metals of Kazakhstan
ArticleAuthors Rakishev B. M., Antonenko A. A.
ArticleName The mineral resources of Kazakhstan at geological museum IGS named by K. I. Satpaev exposition
ArticleAuthors Rakishev B. M., Kudaibergenova N. K.
ArticleName Technology of fluorite concentrate obtaining from fluorite highcarbonate ore
ArticleAuthors Abdykirova G. Zh., Edil’baev A. I., Sulejmenova U. Ya., Shautenov M. R., Sazhin Yu. G.
ArticleName About water rotation in internal-drainage system at non-ferrous metallurgy concentrating plants with simultaneous perfection of their technology
ArticleAuthor Bajmakhanov M. T.
ArticleName Influence of paramagnetic materials on selection of a collective copper-lead concentrate
ArticleAuthors Bekturganov N. S., Tusupbayev N. K., Turysbekov D. K., Semushkina L. V., Mukhanova A. A.
ArticleName Colloidal-chemical and floatational characteristics of new flotoreagents of tetrahydropyranic series
ArticleAuthors Bekturganov N. S., Tusupbayev N. K., Semushkina L. V., Kalieva R. S.
ArticleName Kinetic laws of antimonite dissolving in sodium sulfide solution
ArticleAuthors Ospanov Kh. K., Sulejmenova U. Ya., Zhusupova A. K., Abdykirova G. Zh., Sugurbekova A. K.
ArticleName Development of scientific researches in the field of rare elements
ArticleAuthors Abisheva Z. S., Zagorodnyaya A. N.
ArticleName Deposition of electrolytic coatings on the base of rhenium-tungsten alloys from water solutions
ArticleAuthors Agapova L. Ya., Ponomareva E. I., Abisheva Z. S., Kilibayeva S. K., Aitekeeva S. N.
ArticleName The structure impact on reactivity of anionites and ions of gold, silver, precious metals and iron cyanide complexes
ArticleAuthor Akhmetova K. Sh.
ArticleName Perspective of rare-earth elements production development in Kazakhstan
ArticleAuthors Bekturganov N. S., Najmanbaev M. A., Surkova T. Yu.
ArticleName Fluxes of copper-smelting production
ArticleAuthors Bobrov V. M., Kozhakhmetov S. M., Sit’ko E. A.
ArticleName Phase balance liquid—vapour in the metal systems and forecasting of vacuum distillation processes parameters
ArticleAuthors Volodin V. N., Isakova R. А., Khrapunov V. Е.
ArticleName Distribution and removal of sulfur compounds from aluminous production technological cycle
ArticleAuthors Abikenova G. K., Tastanov E. A., Kovzalenko V. A., Myltykbaeva L. A.
ArticleName Perspective of developing flux-free an autogenous smelting of a high-silica and high-ferrous copper concentrates mix on Balkhash copper-smelting Factory
ArticleAuthors Kozhakhmetov S. M., Kvyatkovsky S. A., Ospanov E. A., Bekenov M. S., Kamirdinov G. Sh.
ArticleName An influence of glow discharge hydrogen plasma treatment on structure properties of thin SnOx and SiC1.4 films
ArticleAuthor Beisenkhanov N. B.
ArticleName Research of nanocrystalline phases formation at thermal effect on amorphous iron-phosphorous alloys
ArticleAuthors Vavilova V. V., Baldokhin Yu. V., Levintov B. L., Anosova M. O., Namazbaev S. K.
ArticleName Using wollastonite as the filler of the metallomatrix composite materials and the modifier of alloys structure
ArticleAuthors Panichkin A. V., Sojmin N. Ya., Karpenjuk A. N., Ermekov G. A., Kshibekova B. B.
ArticleName Transfomation of composite electrolytic coatings formation conditions
ArticleAuthors Yar-Mukhamedov Sh. H., Yar-Mukhamedova G. Sh.
ArticleName Phase transformations of system Ti–Al after silicon ionic implantation and the subsequent heat treatment
ArticleAuthors Sagdoldina Zh. B., Mamaeva A. A.
ArticleName Upgraded metallurgy grade silicon for photovoltaic needs
ArticleAuthors Turmagambetov T. S., Abdullin Kh. A., Mukashev B. N., Tamendarov M. F., Beketov B. A.
ArticleName Economics of uranium raw materials in before reactor technological conversion of nuclear energy resources
ArticleAuthors Putilov A. A., Vorobiev A. G., Putilov A. V.
Journals →  Tsvetnye Metally →  2010 →  #4