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ArticleName Technology of fluorite concentrate obtaining from fluorite highcarbonate ore
ArticleAuthor Abdykirova G. Zh., Edil’baev A. I., Sulejmenova U. Ya., Shautenov M. R., Sazhin Yu. G.

Researches of washability of fluorite ore from one of Kazakhstan’s deposits are presented in the paper. Ore is characterized by high content of tiff, in which fluorite, micaceous minerals and chlorite closely sprouts, and also low carbonate module (0,44). It allows relate ore to a category of rather hard-cleaning. The developed scheme of enrichment provides flotation obtaining of fluorite concentrate (88,0 % СаF2). Silicofluoric sodium and “acidic” liquid glass (рН = 1,6–2,0) were tested in cleaner operations for refining crude concentrate up to conditional. Hydrometallurgical refining of concentrate allowing increase content of СаF2 in it up to 95 % is recommended for increasing its quality.

keywords Fluorite, tiff, flotation, liquid glass, recovery, leaching, tiff
Language of full-text russian
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