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ArticleName Kinetic laws of antimonite dissolving in sodium sulfide solution
ArticleAuthor Ospanov Kh. K., Sulejmenova U. Ya., Zhusupova A. K., Abdykirova G. Zh., Sugurbekova A. K.

The main tasks of kinetic research of mineral dissolution chemical reactions in various solvents are shown. Kinetics of antimonite interactions with a sodium sulfide solution depending on various factors (reagent concentration, experiment duration, temperature) is studied. The research were carried out on the monodisperse particles with dimension –0,104 + 0,074 mm possessing average superficial energy (activity), it allows to get average specific speed. Quantity of antimonite ions, which has passed from antimonite firm phase into a solution, increases with increase of experiment duration up to 1000 second and with rise of temperature in range of 298–328 K and concentration of Na2S from 0,05 to 1 molar. Kinetic law of antimonite (Sb2S3) dissolution depending on the listed factors is established. Following kinetic parameters are defined: speed constant, specific speed, reaction order and activation energy of dissolution process.

keywords Kinetics, antimonite, sodium sulfide, specific surface, concentration, constant of speed, specific speed and reaction order
Language of full-text russian
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