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ArticleName Development of scientific researches in the field of rare elements
ArticleAuthor Abisheva Z. S., Zagorodnyaya A. N.

Review of scientific and applied works, performed in the Institute of Metallurgy and Ore Beneficiation in the field of development of technology for recovery from raw materials such rare elements as rhenium, radiogenic osmium, gallium, indium, molybdenum, tellurium, cadmium and others has been presented in the paper. The methods of production of tribasic lead sulfate and mineral fillers from rare metalscontaining by-products under their complex treatment are considered. Objects of researching are by-products of copper, lead, uranium, phosphoric productions and power industry. The methods of leaching, sorption, solvent extraction, precipitation and electrochemical methods were applied for processing of initial products. Information about industrial testing and application of developed technologies to production are presented. Current state of issue is cleared up.

keywords Mineral resources processing, middling product, rare metals, sorption, liquid extraction, electro leaching, electrodialysis
Language of full-text russian
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