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ArticleName Deposition of electrolytic coatings on the base of rhenium-tungsten alloys from water solutions
ArticleAuthor Agapova L. Ya., Ponomareva E. I., Abisheva Z. S., Kilibayeva S. K., Aitekeeva S. N.

Research data on deposition of electrolytic coatings on the base of Re—W alloys by the method of membrane electrolysis are given in this paper. These coatings are deposed from ammonium-sulphate citrate and fluoride-sulfate electrolytes on the supports of stainless steel and copper. Using the methods of IR-spectroscopy, conductometry and electrodialysis it was found out that rhenium and tungsten in these solutions are present in the forms of anionic citrate and fluoride complexes. Kinetic laws of electrolytic deposition of Re—W coatings from these electrolytes are found out. Mechanism of the process of the cathodic reduction of Re and W anions from ammonium-sulphate citrate and fluoride-sulfate electrolytes is offered. X-ray analysis proved that the produced alloys are solid tungsten solutions in the rhenium or rhenium solutions in the tungsten. Glycerine additions into fluoride-sulfate solutions enhanced the microhardness of deposed coatings from 5346 up to 22 190 MPa. The opportunity of deposition of Re–W coverings from the solutions received at recycling W—Re of waste products of electronic industry is shown.

keywords Electrolytic coatings, citrate and sulphate solutions, rhenium-tungsten alloys, membrane electrolysis, complexing, microhardness
Language of full-text russian
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