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ArticleName The structure impact on reactivity of anionites and ions of gold, silver, precious metals and iron cyanide complexes
ArticleAuthor Akhmetova K. Sh.

The results of the structure’s physical and experimental researches and new anionite sorption properties; geometrical and energy parameters and polarizability of ions of gold, silver, precious metals and iron metal cyanide complexes have been summarized. Impact of the amine nature on the content of strongly basic groups in anionites is described. Dependence of the anionite capacity on the content of basic groups and their availability is presented. A length of Mе—С, С—N bonds has been reviewed as well as polarizability in different directions of coordinate axes, the relative hydration energy and behavior of metal complex ions in the sorption system. The ultimate 6–8% content of strongly basic groups has been established that facilitates inertness against ions of gold and silver cyanide complexes and providing, at an average radius of pores of at least 58,5–66,7 nm, for a high capacity of anionites in relation to accompanying elements, in particular related to zinc. The flow chart has been developed, which is based on sorption of cyanide solutions from non-ferrous metals, iron and sulphur-containing compounds providing selective saturation of medium-basic resins with precious metals, and obtaining high-quality joint or separate industrial reclaims.

keywords Sorption, eluation, anionite, strongly basic groups, ions, cyanide complexes of gold, silver, geometrical structure, polarization, hydration energy
Language of full-text russian
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