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ArticleName Perspective of rare-earth elements production development in Kazakhstan
ArticleAuthor Bekturganov N. S., Najmanbaev M. A., Surkova T. Yu.

The data concerning presence of rare and rare-earth elements in ore and mancaused raw materials of Kazakhstan are presented in the article. It is noticed that the ore base contains a significant amount of rare-earth elements of average and heavy groups that most demanded in the world market. The waste of mineral fertilizers factories, cakes of wolframite concentrate leaching and uranium production by-products are richest sources of rare-earth elements among man-caused raw materials. The Irtysh rare-earth company (IREC) processing the concentrates delivered from Russia and China is engaged in production of rare-earth in Kazakhstan. The enterprise is not loaded on a full designed capacity. In this connection creation of own rare-earth concentrate production is actual for Republic. Preconditions for establishing rare-earth subindustry of non-ferrous metallurgy are created, technologies for obtaining rare-earth concentrates from ore and mancaused raw materials: from polymetallic ores of deposit Shalkiya, from by-products of «Kazatomprom» NAC and from wastes of mineral fertilizers production are developed by scientists — metallurgists, in particular of CESMB JSC.

keywords Rare-earth elements, ore raw materials, by-products, rare-earth concentrate, non-ferrous metallurgy, deposit, valuable component
Language of full-text russian
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