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ArticleName Distribution and removal of sulfur compounds from aluminous production technological cycle
ArticleAuthor Abikenova G. K., Tastanov E. A., Kovzalenko V. A., Myltykbaeva L. A.

Results of processing the bauxites characterized by high content of sulfide and sulfate minerals are presented in the article. Distribution, behavior and removal of sulfur compounds in the consecutive Bayer-sintering scheme are studied. It is defined that in bauxites leaching process in consequence of iron sulfides decomposition the part of sulfur compounds is converted into soluble forms and compounds with alkali are forming. Thus alkali consumption is increased, that destabilizes alkaline balance of system. It is established that the maximum oxidation of all lowest valence sulfur forms occurs during evaporation due to their transform to sulfates. The basic methods of sulfur removal in aluminous production technological cycle are shown: by removal of ferriferous sand, by increasing quantity of a reducer in charge sintering; by periodic removal of soda-sulfate mix.

keywords Aluminous production, bauxite, sulfur compounds, leaching, sintering, evaporation, reducer, soda-sulfate mix
Language of full-text russian
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