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ArticleName Perspective of developing flux-free an autogenous smelting of a high-silica and high-ferrous copper concentrates mix on Balkhash copper-smelting Factory
ArticleAuthor Kozhakhmetov S. M., Kvyatkovsky S. A., Ospanov E. A., Bekenov M. S., Kamirdinov G. Sh.

All Kazakhstani ores can be divided on two groups according content of the basic components in concentrates. These are concentrates from Zhezkazgan’s deposits, processed now in electric furnaces, and concentrates from ores of East Kazakhstan, processed by autogenous smelting. The first of them are characterized high content of copper and silicon dioxide; the seconds contain a lot of iron and sulfur. Besides, in the course of processing various kinds of by-products and the flux materials, which don’t contain valuable components, are used. Using the balanced mix of concentrates having so different composition for processing by autogenous smelting will allow to completely or partially avoid of flux application that will lead to decreasing of total volumes of slags obtained and valuable components losses with them. Preliminary researches have shown, that combined use of Kazakhstani deposits’ copper ores will allow to carry out autogenous smelting without using flux or their minimum additive for obtaining mattes and slags with satisfactory composition.

keywords Copper ores, concentrates, autogenous smelting, fluxes, mattes, slag, metal los, ferrum, sulphur
Language of full-text russian
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