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Название Transfomation of composite electrolytic coatings formation conditions
Автор Yar-Mukhamedov Sh. H., Yar-Mukhamedova G. Sh.

The development of composite electrolytic coatings (CEC) plating conditions during 50 years was absorbed. Criteria of receiving set structure CEC are established. As such criteria can be as the sizes of Brown particles, and sedimentation speed. For the majority of substances the sizes disperse phase do not exceed 100 nanometers. As particles will not be sedimentation under the influence of gravitation, they will take root into a matrix only at the expense of electric forces. As a result all disperse phase entered into electrolyte will be introduced in a covering. Thus it is possible to receive nano-CEC with the set structure.

Ключевые слова Composite electrolytic coatings, size of particles, settling velocity, gravitation, dispersion, diffraction, ultrasonic waves
Language of full-text русский
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