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ArticleName Phase transformations of system Ti–Al after silicon ionic implantation and the subsequent heat treatment
ArticleAuthor Sagdoldina Zh. B., Mamaeva A. A.

In the present work Ti–Al system was modified with silicon ionic implantation. It is established, that evolution of a microstructure, temperature-time intervals of existence of phases, kinetic transformations depend on a method of layer formation. It is shown, that at ionic implantation surface properties of materials are modified as a result of introduction of the high-energy ions causing change of the structure and phase formed at the top of the layers. It is revealed, that on samples with preliminary irradiated substrate with Si+ ions, process of interaction between the titanium and aluminum is slowed down. It is shown, that on preliminary implanted substrates at consecutive heat treatment, there is a degradation of the formed layer. Structural changes of implanted samples are accompanied with significant increases in microhardness depending on annealing after radiation by Si+ (1 MeV) ions with dose 1017 ion/cm2.

keywords Titanium, titanium silicides, titanium aluminides, ionic implantation, a coating
Language of full-text russian
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