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ArticleName Creep flow of alloy E635 relating to products TBCA, TBC-2 and their modifications for reactors VVER-1000
ArticleAuthor Peregud M. M., Afonina Е. G., Sablin M. N., Eryomin S. G., Pimenov Yu. V.

Results of researches in reactor BOR-60 of irridation creep at extension of strips and pipe necking of guide channels from alloy E635 at ~320 оС, pressure from 40 to 100 MPa and fluences ~2•1022 sm–2 are presented. It is shown that the rate of irridation creep at pipe necking of guide channels more, than rate of creep at extension of strips in 3 times below at identical test specifications and the singletype structure; the exposure at 320 оС during ~3000 hours causes increase of creep rate at compression of guide channels in 5 times, and at extension of strips by a factor of ten. The paper revealed that it is necessary to consider results of direct reactor tests of componentry of ТВС in the conditions of really act loading for a substantiation of functionality of ТВСА and ТВС-2 in reactors VVER-1000.

keywords Irridation creep, chain, longitudinal specimen, cross-section sample, compressing spring, exposure, extension, necking
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