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ArticleName Problems of information security and ways of supporting
ArticleAuthor Surguchev O. Yu.

The operating today principles and methods of working with instructured data (text-based document, presentations, tables et al.) have been presented and systematized. Problems, aventuated in working with unstructured data in automated control and managing systems are considered. It has been suggested to use decisions of Varonis-DatAdvantage and DatPrivilege companies in order to overcome these problems. Software of DatAdvantage conducts automatic audit of data structures, contents and access rights to file resources of servers. Additionally all users' activities with disposed files and access rights variance are registered. This software allows to reveal quickly the facts information missing, discover timely anomalous users' activity, improrer usage of file resources et al. DatPrivilege provides easy process of giving access rightes to unstructured data.

keywords File, server, user, information security, Windows audit, access rights, software
Language of full-text russian
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