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Composites and multipurpose coatings
ArticleName Structure of cast aluminum matrix composites reinforced both by intermetallic phases and nanosized refractory powders
ArticleAuthor Kalashnikov I. E., Bolotova L. K., Chernyshova T. A.
The results of development of composite materials on the basis of the aluminum matrix reinforced both by refractory nanosized particles (received via plasma-chemical synthesis) and intermetallic phases Al3Ti formed in in situ reactions are presented. Influence of nanosized additives can be retraced on the example of varying the structure of composite materials, obtained via liquid-phase process as a result of exothermal reaction in situ. The conclusions about the influence of reinforcing particles and manufacturing procedures on the structure of composite materials are made.
keywords Composite materials based on aluminum alloys, intermetallic phases, eutectics, nanosized particles, processing orders
Language of full-text russian
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