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Metal processing
Название Usage the diagram of recrystallization of zinc-titanium alloy for development of the order of hot rolling of strip
Автор Aldunin A. V.
The diagram of recrystallization has been built using conditions of hot rolling of strip from zink-titanium alloy, received on the base of the results of physical simulation at the quatro 400/1000x1000 mill from Moscow plants of processing of non-ferrous metals. This diagram also used obtained data of Vickers hardness values, calculated their average value, root-mean-square deviations, variations of distribution and qualitative metallographic analysis. The equations of flat boundes of diagram, divided the following areas: recovery and polygonization; primary recrystallization; recrystallized state are obtained in rectifying volume. On the base of conducted researches it has been devised the order of hot rolling of field from zink-titanium alloy on the quatro 400/1000x1000 reverse mill, providing the derivation of ready field, usable for sheet-metal forming without additional baking.
Ключевые слова Diagram, recrystallization, zinc, titanium, alloy, hot rolling, strip, conditions
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