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Noble metals and alloys
ArticleName Gold ore deposits with active carbonaceous matter
ArticleAuthor Meretukov M. A.
Gold ore and gold-silver deposits, wherein organic component generally has been presented by carbonaceous matter include black shales and Karlinsky type of ores. The main structure components of black shales are clay minerals, organic matter and silica (in the form of grain). Blach-shale deposits are featured by presence of nanophases including nanoparticles of gold and metals of platinum group. Karlinsky type of deposits, presented by gold mineralization in carbon-bearing shale-carbonate complexes at present time attract the greatest interest. This interest has been determinated by high level of development of such deposits, their uniformity as well as conditions of occurrence and composition, allowing to obtain high profit.
keywords Carbonaceous matter, gold-bearing ores, sorbents, extraction, refractory properties, thin impregnation, clay materials, black shales, Karlinsky type of ores
Language of full-text russian
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