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Metal processing
ArticleName Ures of the plastic current of billet material in deformation area at “Conform” continuous extrusion
ArticleAuthor Gorokhov Yu. V., Solopko I. V., Suslov V. P., Krylov M. A.
Simulating of the process of continuous extrusion of non-ferrous metals via the Conform method with use of samples from multi-coloured plasticine, extruded at the different angles between the longitudinal axes of the matrix and container is made. Usage of this method in the industry for continuous extrusion of non-ferrous metals and alloys has shown prospects of its development. The results of experiments coincides with calculations of the optimum angle, at which the most uniform current of the extruding material in the section of a deformation area of the container is observed.
keywords Continuous extrusion, conform, active forces of the friction, combined processes, container, matrix, tool for extrusion, angle, billet, simulation
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