Tsirulnikov Evgeny

«Ore and Metals” Publishing house – Deputy General Director,

«Chernye metally” journal – Deputy Chief Editor,

«CIS Iron and Steel Review” - Chief Editor.



High schoolMoscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, 1976-1981.

Specialty - «Metal Forming».


Work experience:

Moscow Metallurgical Works “Serp i Molot” (1981-1985)

All-Union Institute of Light Alloys (1985-1990)

Central Institute of Scientific-Technical and Economical Researches in the Iron and Steel Industry “Chermetinformatsiya” (1990-1992)

«Metallurgiya» Publishers (1992-1997)

«Ore and Metals” Publishing house (1997-present time)


Professional thematics:

• Technology of rolling and tubemaking from ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

Problems of history, technical and cultural heritage, connected with mining matter and metallurgy;

International cooperation and experience exchange in metallurgy;

Analysis of bibliometric parameters for scientific and technical journals


Selected publications:

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