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The No. 11 issue of "Chernye metally" journal is opened by the conventional sections “Iron and steel news of the world” and “News of metallurgical companies”.


The section "Development of metallurgy in Russia and other CIS countries" includes 3 publications. Two of them are devoted to steelmaking.


Ya.L. Kats and M.V. Krasnyanskiy (VNIIMETMASH) have examined drying and heating of carbon-bearing ladle lining using electric heaters and have developed power- and resource-saving technological procedures for this process. G.I. Sultamurat et al. From Karaganda State Technical University has conducted investigations on possibility of converter slag utilization and has displayed wide opportunities and features of its usage, e.g. in road building.


V.A. Kharitonov and I.V. Taranin (Magnitogorsk State Technical University) have devoted their article to efficiency rise of wire production. Two variants of layout of deformation equipment have been proposed in order to decrease the value of extension stresses and their negative effect: “rolling-extrusion” and “rolling-drawing with back pressure” modules.


The theme of rolling and other metal forming processes is continuing in the corresponding thematic publications. In particular, E.A. Goli-Oglu et al. from NLMK Dansteel has discussed the problems of production optimization of heavy plates at Fredrikswerk, Denmark. The previous publication on this theme can be found in “Chernye metally” No. 2-2015.

Other publications in this section elucidated development of portable profile measurement sensor (A. Niel, Ch. Trapmann), analysis of drive operation at the reversing rolling mill in Bahrain, (J. Niermann), possibilities of automatic control and certification of coiled steel sheet (U. Lettau et al.), as well as operation experience of the largest global radial forging machine of Carpenter Technology works in Alabama, USA (A. Holl et. al.).


The final section “Economica and Finances” presents, among other materials, publications about the state of Russian and Ukrainian steel markets, as well as on the XII National Congress of Foundrymen.

You may find below more details about the issue or book printed or electronic version of the journal.

ArticleName Iron and Steel News of the World
News of Metallurgical Companies
ArticleName A global market leader in manufacturing mobile equipment for lining breakage
ArticleAuthor M. Hobden
ArticleName Automobiles with solar batteries as pioneers in climate protection
ArticleName voestalpine received the state award for innovations
ArticleName Heavy-duty milling-cutting machines for steel products
Development of Metallurgy in Russia and CIS
ArticleName Energy- and resource-saving procedure for drying and heating of carbon-bearing ladle lining using electric heaters
ArticleAuthors Ya. L. Kats, M. V. Krasnyanskiy

State Scientific Center of RF All-Russian Design and Research Institute of Metallurgical Machine-Building named after A. I. Tselikov (Moscow, Russia):

Ya. L. Kats, Cand. Eng., Deputy Head of Department
M. V. Krasnyanskiy, Scientific Fellow, e-mail:

ArticleName Evaluation of possibility of converter slag utilization in the conditions of “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” JSC
ArticleAuthors G. I. Sultamurat, B. M. Boranbaeva, L. A. Maksyutin, N. A. Aktaeva

Karaganda State Technical University (Karaganda, Kazakhstan):

G. I. Sultamurat, Cand. Eng., Professor of Department Metallurgy, Material Science and Nanotechnology, e-mail:
B. M. Boranbayeva, Cand. Eng., Prof. of Department Metallurgy, Material Science and Nanotechnology. e-mail:
L. A. Maksutin, Cand. Eng., Leading Engineer of Technical Laboratory «Complex resource development of mineral raw materials», e-mail:
N. A. Aktaeva, Graduate Student of the Department Metallurgy, Material Science and Nanotechnology, e-mail:

ArticleName Directions of efficiency rise in wire production
ArticleAuthors V. A. Kharitonov, I. V. Taranin

Magnitogorsk State Technical University (Magnitogorsk, Russia):

V. A. Kharitonov, Cand. Eng., Prof.
I. V. Taranin, Post-Graduate, e-mail:

Rolling Production and Other Metal Forming Processes
ArticleName Progress in the development of production of TMCP plates up to 100 mm at NLMK Dansteel
ArticleAuthors E. A. Goli-Oglu, Z. Greisen, Yu. A. Bokachev

NLMK Dansteel A/S (Frederiksvaerk, Denmark):

E. A. Goli-Oglu, Cand. Eng., Process Developer, e-mail:
Z. Greisen, Cand. Eng., Chief Metallurgist

Yu. A. Bokachev, Managing Director

ArticleName Rolling process optimization through portable profile measurement
ArticleAuthors A. Niel, Ch. Trappmann

NextSense GmbH (Graz, Austria):

A. Niel, e-mail:


Mannstaedt GmbH (Troisdorf, Germany):
Ch. Trappmann

ArticleName Robust drive technology for reversing rolling mill in Bahrain
ArticleAuthor J. Niermann

Getriebebau Nord GmbH & Co. KG (Bargteheide, Germany):

J. Niermann, Head of marketing Dept., e-mail:

ArticleName Automatic control and certification of coils tracking
ArticleAuthors U. Lettau, D. Maaβ, A. Quick

iba AG (Fürth, Germany):

U. Lettau, Dr. Eng., Chairman
D. Maaβ, Dr. Math., Product Manager and Consultant
A. Quick, Dr. Eng., Head of strategic Management Dept., e-mail:

ArticleName World's largest radial forging machine starts production at Carpenter Technology
ArticleAuthors A. Holl, P. Nieschwitz, F. Knauf

SMS Meer GmbH (Mönchengladbach, Germany):

A. Holl, Dr. Eng., Development and Technology Dept., e-mail:
A. Nieschwitz, Dr. Eng., Forging Machines Selling Dept.
F. Knauf, Dr. Eng., Forging Machines Selling Dept.

Economics and finances
ArticleName Russian steel market in crisis
ArticleAuthor B. Krischer

“Steel” Economical Corporation (Düsseldorf, Germany):

B. Krischer, e-mail:

ArticleName Risks of German export increase owing to the Ukrainian crisis
ArticleAuthor A. Stephan

Euler Hermes Deutschland (Hamburg, Germany):

A. Stephan, e-mail:

ArticleName We believe in steel
ArticleAuthor W. Sanders

Verlag Stahleisen GmbH (Düsseldorf, Germany):

W. Sanders, Reviewer, e-mail:

ArticleName An international technical event for the steel industry in Europe
ArticleAuthor P. Dahlmann

Steel Institute VDEh (Düsseldorf, Germany):

P. Dahlmann, Dr. Eng., Member of Managing Council, e-mail:

ArticleName Innovation and dialogue – new concepts for more efficiency
ArticleAuthor B. Dahmen

SMS Siemag AG (Düsseldorf, Germany):

B. Dahmen, General Director, e-mail:

ArticleName XII Meeting of Russian Foundrymen
ArticleName In memory of Yuriy Gurevich
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