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Tsvetnye Metally

Economics and management of production
ArticleName International review of market of non-ferrous metals
ArticleAuthor Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical plant
ArticleName States funds as a instrument of infrastructure development of nanomaterials industry
ArticleAuthor Putilov A. A.
ArticleName State and development tendencies of metallurgical industry in Kazakhstan
ArticleAuthors Akimbaeva A. M., Mamraev B. B.
ArticleName Expenses for flotation during equipment service life
ArticleAuthors Rinne A., Peltola A.
ArticleName Control of overspills after classification in beneficiation production at “Kola mining metallurgical company”
ArticleAuthors Glazatov A. N., Spitsyn N. K., Kazakov A. M., Novikov M. N., Sokolov S. V.
ArticleName Electromagnetic method of measurement of metalline mass of a pulp
ArticleAuthors Velt I. D., Mikhailova Yu. V.
Heavy non-ferrous metals
ArticleName Express-methods for determination of properties of refractory materials during their operation
ArticleAuthors Konyaeva O. A., Pleshchev V. P., Slovikovskiy V. V.
ArticleName About usage of backward osmotic installation for utilisation of nickel-cobalt industrial waste waters and washwaters
ArticleAuthors Levin A. M., Bryukvin V. A.
ArticleName Processing of lead-antimony concentrates with pulp electrolysis
ArticleAuthor Solozhenkin P. M.
ArticleName Selective extraction of copper during hydrocarbonylation of sulphate-chloride solutions of non-ferrous metals
ArticleAuthors Fedoseev I. V., Maksimov V. V.
Noble metals and alloys
ArticleName Noble metals extraction from refining slags by electric smelting at JSC Krastsvetmet
ArticleAuthors Davydov A. A., Sergeev V. L., Maltsev E. V., Moskalyov A. V., Efimov V. N.
Aluminium, alumina, carbon materials
ArticleName Estimation of practicability of usage the sodium tetrafluoroaluminate NaAlF4 for correction of level and composition of electrolyte in electrolyzers for aluminium production
ArticleAuthors Nozhko S. I., Morenko A. V., Puzanov I. I.
ArticleName Electrolysers with Soderberg anode and possibilities of their modernization
ArticleAuthors Mintsis M. Ya., Sirazutdinov G. A., Galevskiy G. V.
ArticleName Experience in mastering the technology of silicon smelting using SiC-containing materials
ArticleAuthors Prutskov D. V., Krivoruchko N. P.
Magnesium, titanium, rare metals, semiconductors
ArticleName Sorption processes in the technology of hydrometallurgical processing of molybdenum concentrates
ArticleAuthors Peganov V. A., Molchanova T. V., Smirnov K. M.
Composites and multipurpose coatings
ArticleName Enhancement of composite magnets mechanical strength by using of fullerenes
ArticleAuthors Popova O. I., Glebov V. A., Glebov A. V.
Metal processing
ArticleName Flux processing — easy and affordable
ArticleAuthors Piskarev D. V., Kazakov P. V., Ul'yanov D. S.
ArticleName Ures of the plastic current of billet material in deformation area at “Conform” continuous extrusion
ArticleAuthors Gorokhov Yu. V., Solopko I. V., Suslov V. P., Krylov M. A.
ArticleName Increase of efficiency at cold a rolling of brass tapes in the asymmetrical way
ArticleAuthor Maksimov E. A.
ArticleName Systems of automatic selection, preparation and delivery of samples from technological solutions to measuring devices
ArticleAuthors Gorshkov Yu. V., Vilenchik L. I., Spesivtsev A. V., Solonin A. V.
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