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Non-ferrous Metals

ArticleName Intensification of Pyrite Bacterial Leaching from Gold-Containing Concentrates by Vibration Mixing
ArticleAuthors V. V. Panin, L. N. Krylova, E. V. Adamov, D. Yu. Voronin, G. I. Karavaiko
ArticleName Thermodynamics of Copper and Nickel Distribution under the Conditions of Continuous Conversion of Mattes into Blister Copper
ArticleAuthors A. A. Komkov, V. P. Bystrov, A. G. Nikolaev
ArticleName Investigation of Behaviour of Non-ferrous Metals in the Reduction Conditions
ArticleAuthors A. A. Komkov, E. A. Ladygo, S. V. Bystrov
ArticleName Biosorbing Agents for Extraction of Noble Metals from Industrial Solutions
ArticleAuthors L. S. Strizhko, V. I. Zakharova, A. A. Korenevsky, Yu. M. Kalmykov, G. I. Karavaiko
ArticleName Process Parameter Determination of Li5AlO4 Aluminothermic Reduction in Vacuum
ArticleAuthors V. V. Miklushevsky, I. I. Vatulin, V. P. Tarasov
ArticleName Sintering Mechanism of Nanosized Stabilized-Zirconium Dioxide Powder
ArticleAuthors G. M. Voldman, O. V. Malochkin, V. S. Panov
ArticleName Facilities for Processes of Powder Material Metallization
ArticleAuthor A. G. Ermilov
ArticleName Castings on the Base of Aluminum-Nickel Eutectic (Nikalins) as Possible Alternative to Silumins
ArticleAuthors N. A. Belov, V. S. Zolotorevsky
ArticleName Study of Superplasticity Indices of VT6 Alloy within Wide Temperature Range
ArticleAuthors V. K. Portnoy, E. N. Chumachenko, L. Paris, D. S. Rylov
ArticleName Computer System of Automatic Control of Material Roasting Processes in Tube Rotary Furnaces
ArticleAuthors Z. G. Salikhov, A. A. Bekarevich
Journals →  Non-ferrous Metals →  2005 →  #3