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Tsvetnye Metally

Economics and management of production
ArticleName International review of market of non-ferrous metals
ArticleAuthor "Norilsk Nickel" mining and metallurgical company
ArticleName Stability and modernization demand joint solutions and efforts from the part of social partnership
ArticleAuthor Kotlyar B. A.
ArticleName Improvement of the technology of sand concentration at large-volume dredge № 134 of JSC “GDK “Lenzoloto” via jig washer “Trud-12”
ArticleAuthors Zamyatin O. V., Mankov V. M., Tarasova T. B., Popov S. V., Meledin I. V.
Heavy non-ferrous metals
ArticleName Modern decision in metallurgical processing of concentrates of Udokanskoe deposit of copper-bearing sandrock
ArticleAuthors Dobrynin A. A., Malkova M. Yu., Paretskiy V. M.
ArticleName Deposition of nickel and cobalt sulphide from sulphate solutions with sulphur in reducer presence
ArticleAuthors Greyver T. N., Kalashnikova M. I., Ertseva L. N., Lutova L. S., Vagner L. Ya.
ArticleName Primary processing of curcuit plate of electronic devices
ArticleAuthors Lokshin E. P., Voronchuk S. I., Kuzmich Yu. V., Kovalevsky V. P.
ArticleName Substantial composition of dusts at Nadezhdinskiy metallurgical plant
ArticleAuthors Velyuzhinets G. A., Yertseva L. N., Tsemekhman L. Sh., Fomichev V. B.
Noble metals and alloys
ArticleName Technological research of sorbent PuroGold on gold extraction plant of JSC “Pokrovskiy rudnik”
ArticleAuthors Androsov A. A., Dmitrienko V. P., Zavalyuev A. S., Sidorov M. E., Shestaev V. F.
ArticleName Conditioning of cyanide-bearing reusable solution with regeneration of free cyanide and copper extraction
ArticleAuthors Petrov V. F., Fayberg A. A., Voyloshnikov G. I.
Aluminium, alumina, carbon materials
ArticleName Influence of iron compounds on baking technology of nepheline ores and concentrates
ArticleAuthors Vinogradov S. A., Sizyakov V. M.
ArticleName Usage of the new method of estimation of metal and electrolyte levels on aluminium electrolyzers for improving approximation of measurements
ArticleAuthors Nozhko S. I., Grishaev I. I., Puzanov I. I., Zheleznyak Ya. M., Belotelov A. Yu.
ArticleName New developments of perspective types of electrode products for aluminium electrolyzers at JSC “ENERGOPROM — Chelyabinskiy electrode works”
ArticleAuthors Rybyanets I. V., Romashina G. N., Zolotaiko A. V., Apalkova G. D.
Magnesium, titanium, rare metals, semiconductors
ArticleName Definition of specific speed of low-temperature heterogenous hydrogenating of silicon tetrachloride
ArticleAuthors Arkadyev A. A., Kokh A. A., Chapygin A. M., Novikov A. V., Shvarev K. P.
ArticleName Computation of material balance of technologic processes via electronic worksheet “Excel”
ArticleAuthors Apanasenko V. V., Voldman G. M.
Composites and multipurpose coatings
ArticleName Structure of cast aluminum matrix composites reinforced both by intermetallic phases and nanosized refractory powders
ArticleAuthors Kalashnikov I. E., Bolotova L. K., Chernyshova T. A.
Nanostructured metals and materials
ArticleName Nanocrystalline high-gradient magnetic systems
ArticleAuthors Glebov A. V., Glebov V. A.
Metal processing
ArticleName Development of generalized criterion of efficiency of beryllium products
ArticleAuthors Tuzov Yu. V., Khomutov A. M.
ArticleName About structure of Cu—Bi—Zr phase diagram in the area of copper corner
ArticleAuthors Belov N. A., Tyurin P. Ya., Emelina N. B., Kurbatkin I. I., Belov V. D.
ArticleName Usage the diagram of recrystallization of zinc-titanium alloy for development of the order of hot rolling of strip
ArticleAuthor Aldunin A. V.
ArticleName New level of distance education
ArticleAuthor Pustovoy D. Yu.
Journals →  Tsvetnye Metally →  2010 →  #9