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Economics and management of production
Название International review of market of non-ferrous metals
Автор "Norilsk Nickel" mining and metallurgical company
Название World markets of selenium and tellurium: conditions, crisis and сonsequences
Авторы Naumov A. V., Naumova M. A.
Название Development of benefication technology of sillimanite ore
Авторы Bragina V. I., Konnova N. I., Pekhova L. P.
Название Experience of “Gipronickel” institute in accompanying of geological prospecting works: from researching of material composition of ores to development of technological regulations for beneficiation
Авторы Kozyrev S. M., Maksimov V. I., Kravtsova O. A., Khashkovskaya T. N., Motorin Yu. M.
Название Waste water cleaning with fluorine removal
Авторы Lokshin E. P., Belikov M. L.
Heavy non-ferrous metals
Название Physical-chemical researches of sulphidation process of oxidated nickel ores by elementary sulphur
Авторы Serova N. V., Kitay A. G., Bryukvin V. A., Bolshikh A. O., Dyachenko V. T.
Название Substantial composition of dusts from melting shop of nickel plant
Авторы Veluzhinets G. A., Ertseva L. N., Tsemekhman L. Sh., Fomichev V. B.
Название Sorption of ions of non-ferrous metals by sulphocationites on the base of oil and products of its processing
Авторы Ergozhin E. E., Nikitina A. I., Bektenov N. A., Kabulova G. K.
Noble metals and alloys
Название Gold ore deposits with active carbonaceous matter
Автор Meretukov M. A.
Название Bench-up tests of sorption leaching of gold-bearing concentrate
Авторы Kononov Yu. S., Patrushev V. V.
Название Usage of heap leaching of gold in the conditions of High North
Авторы Tatarinov S. M., Khomutov A. V., Kosyakova O. V., Sedykh V. I.
Название Substantiation and choice of cooling conditions for PdN-5 alloy during ingot solidification
Авторы Pavlov E. A., Gurskaya V. Yu., Gushchinskiy A. A., Efimov V. N.
Aluminium, alumina, carbon materials
Название The control of current distribution in the anode of aluminium electrolyzer
Автор Gromyko A. I.
Название Improvement the system of collection, evacuation and disposal of anode gas at powerful soderberg electrolyzers
Авторы Shakhray S. G., Korostovenko V. V., Goldaev S. V.
Magnesium, titanium, rare metals, semiconductors
Название The effect of charge granulation on of metal and slag phases separation during the process of titanomagnetite concentrate reduction
Авторы Mayorov L. A., Freydin B. M., Kolesnikova I. G., Kuzmich Yu. V.
Название Manufacture of concentrated solutions of perrhenic acid using electrodialysis
Авторы Palant A. A., Levin A. M., Brukvin V. A., Akhmetov E. F.
Radioactive elements
Название Technique of magnetic separation and cleaning with removal of wastes of uranium fuel powders for nuclear reactors
Авторы Glebov V. A., Glebov A. V.
Metal processing
Название Electric spark dispersion of metals and alloys forming on their surfaces oxide films with low contact resistance
Авторы Bairamov R. K., Bugrov A. V.
Название Srtructural hardening of titanium alloys
Автор Pol'kin I. S.
Название Grounds of forecasting of service life depending on corrosion resistance of aluminium alloys and ways of further increasing their corrosion resistance under stress
Автор Sinyavsky V. S.
Название The automated systems of the analytical control of concentrating and metallurgical manufactures
Авторы Ulitenko K. Ya., Jukovetsky O. V.
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