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Tsvetnye Metally

Economics and management of production
Название International review of market of non-ferrous metals
Автор Norilsk Nickel Mining and Metallurgical plant
Название Prospects of global markets of primary aluminium and alumina. Part 1. Development of forecasting system of aluminium market
Автор Arlyuk В. I.
Название Technical and economic substantiation and determination of marketable cost of the production technology of metallocarbonic nanocomposites
Авторы Kiselyov B. G., Kozhitov L. V., Kozlov V. V., Ponomaryov M. V.
Название XIII Balkan mineral processing congress
Авторы Chanturiya V. A., Solozhenkin P. M.
Название Determination of surface preparation conditions of oxidized copper minerals to flotation
Авторы Zubkov A. А., Abramov A. А., Shulenina Z. M.
* * *
Название POX autoclaves — new advances in impeller design for highly abrasive ores
Автор Keller W.
Heavy non-ferrous metals
Название The reasons of badly floatability of copper slimes at JSC “Uralelectromed”
Авторы Lastochkina M. A., Mastyugin S. A., Vergizova Т. V., Greiver T. N.
Название Production of copper electrolytic powder in the presence of the polyacrylamide flocculants
Авторы Agarova N. E., Yakovleva L. M., Lebed, A. B., Saveliev A. M., Chernoval E. V.
Название The treatment of circulating water from metallurgical works with high content of phosphates
Авторы Pavlov R. D., Sharikov Yu. V.
Название Research of influence of temperature on suppression of hardly soluble compounds from solutions
Авторы Litvinenko V. S., Telyakov N. M., Smirnov A. V.
Noble metals and alloys
Название The analysis of influence of fusion modes on distribution of precious metals between slag and bottom phase
Авторы Strizhko L. S., Strizhko V. S., Peresadi S. S.
Aluminium, alumina, carbon materials
Название Production of low-alkalinity α-alumina from middling products of the aluminuos companies
Авторы Simakova O. N., Dashkevich R. Ya.
Название Increase of operational efficiency of aluminium electrolysis with self-baking anode and top current supply by means of graded layout of anode pins
Авторы Nozhko S. I., Vorona A. B., Turusov S. N., Yanko E. A.
Название Research of heat exchange process in burning furnaces of electrode production
Авторы Soshkin S. V., Rutkovsky A. L., Fokin V. P., Kokov M. S., Soshkin G. S.
Magnesium, titanium, rare metals, semiconductors
Название Research of mechanoactivate beryl vitriolic opening kinetic
Авторы Samoilov V. I., Kulenova N. A., Baigazova N. A.
Название Extraction of rhenium from uranium leach solutions of the Kyzylkum province
Авторы I. S. Ortikov, V. P. Nebera
Nanostructured metals and materials
Название Application of metal oxides for synthesis of carbon metal containing Nanostructures
Авторы Trineeva V. V., Kodolov V. I., Denisov V. A., Volkova Е. G.
Radioactive elements
Название Corrosion under irradiation of alloys of type E110 and E635 in water-chemistry conditions PWR
Авторы Markelov V. A., Novikov V. V., Kon'kov V. F., Tselishchev A. V., Dolgov A. B.
Название Research of clearing of molybdenum trioxide from uranium oxides by the sublimation method at the lowered pressure
Автор Makarov F. V.
Metal processing
Название About reasons of ingot cracking of aluminium riveting alloy D18 at rolling
Авторы Khodakov S. P., Teleshov V. V., Golovleva A. P., Zaharov V. V.
Название The influence of the temperature at the microhardness of the metals
Авторы Leonov V. V., Belyaev S. V.
Название Influence of the angle of functional area on the stress state in the deformation zone at copper drawing
Автор Loginov Yu. N.
Название The improving of the silicon carbothermical production in a ore-smelting furnaces
Авторы Nemchinova N. V., Klyots V. E.
Название The development of the schedule of final set of charges and purchases of raw materials planning
Авторы Belozerov M. N., Kalashnikov E. A.
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